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Online 6 Week
Course in Self-Healing & Healing

This course will focus on self-healing and healing and its importance in your spiritual development as well as the importance of simply being happy.

It will help you to tune into your energy, energy of others and bring you in to allignment.  The course will also look at healing using Chakras and Angels. It will help you to connect to yourself deeply and enable self-healing.  It will also open up the flow of healing to others as well.

This course has been created by Sam, with the intention of bringing healing to those that reach out to him.

He hopes you enjoy doing this course and of course enable some self healing to take place.

"We can only heal if we are healed ourself"

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Course details below

Online 6 Week Course in Healing & Self-Healing

You will recieve:

All the 6 units + Intro on mp3

A digital Course Booklet (over 40 pages) 

You can then complete the course in your own time.  Each class is approximatly 45mins long. 

This means in total you will get over 4 Hours 30mins of Spiritual Content!

Each 45min session Includes:


*Journal Exercises


All for the great price of JUST £88

The Units of the course are:

1 - Introduction & Disclamer to Course

2 - Introduction to Healing and Self-Healing

3 - Working with Energy

4 - Chakras and the Central Channel

5 - Your Power and Self-Healing

6 - Healing with the Angelic and Spirit Realm

7 - Raising your Vibration and healing with Spirit, 

Congratulations, What next?

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