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LIVE Online Zoom Group Readings

Mediumship Readings are always so special, why not share them with your family or some friends.

In LIVE Online Zoom Group Readings a maximum of 6 camera feeds and a minimum of 1 camera feed can join the Zoom call.  You can have up to 6 People behind each feed camera.  Making this a special shared group experience.

LIVE in your living room!

Just £20 per ticket

(If you have 6 people this brings the individual

cost down to just £3.33)

  • All Sales Are Final

  • Must Be 18 Years of Age Or Older

  • Events Take Place On GMT


1st Aug at 8.15pm GMT

Zoom Readings online.jpg

Sam Pirt Psychic Medium is based in the UK, and has soon become established on the Medium Scene in the UK.  Appearing on SPTV as well as being the Medium for One Entity Paranormal.  He is also part of the Frends of Derek Acorah and reads regularly on the facebook page.


Now, you can have an opportunity to have a LIVE group reading with Sam Pirt Psychic Medium.  From the comfort of your living room! During this LIVE broadcast on Zoom, you will join Sam Pirt Psychic Medium in a virtual group reading where he will Share Lessons from Spirit, Answer your Questions about the afterlife and Mediumship, and read online audience members LIVE in real time!


PLEASE NOTE: This is an online group audience reading. This means that just like at an in person event, admission does not guarantee a reading.  Every LIVE Online Zoom Group Reading is for entertainment purposes only.  Please read full disclaimer on Sam Pirt Psychic Mediums website.

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